Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Evidence of Filming

This is the evidence that we did the filming, we used a professional camera for our video shoot. And we took the recording in turns, when one of us was acting the other two would do the filming. 

Exploring the Location

As Colindale High Street was not busy we headed of looking for a busier location and the closest place was Brent Cross. 

We walked around the whole shopping centre exploring the location, thinking which would be the best place to shoot our video. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Target audience research

We told individuals what our movie is about, describing how the movie is going to set out & what are the plots in the film are. Once we done this we asked them three critical questions.

  • Can you estimate what the age certificate will be for this film?
  • Who do you think the target audience is?
  • What genre do you think the film is?
We approached Shajahn & Fahim at a break time within the common room. The three questions where asked & we managed to receive some interesting answers, especially on the genre question. They state that the film sounds adventures as well as a thriller, we didn't expect that.

We also made quick questionnaires involving the three critical questions, we made ten and gave them out at random. A description of the movie was put up on top describing the plots of the film. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Target Audience for our film opening

We gave a short brief of our film opening to a few colleagues in school, we and asked them if this movie would appeal to them and if they would watch it, and if it suited their age group. And if not who they think it would appeal to.

Then we asked slightly older people such as the teachers in our school and we asked them the same questions and if they felt this is a movie they would not watch

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Moodboard For Dream Chaser

This is our mood board for our thriller video, these images represents the theme of the video.

The crowd - this image shows our location, and its going to be a busy time of day. in our video we have filmed at brent cross shopping centre. our location is similar to the picture above as it was crowed and very busy.

The CCTV - shows one of our camera angles. this angle was at a birds eye view, the colour of the scene is going to be black and white and is going to contain the time and date of the recording, which is going to make it look like a actual recording from an CCTV footage.

Man running with a suitcase - is man on the ran

Teddy bear - one of our props 

Handcuffs - indicates a crime scene

Blue sky - shows a quiet atmosphere.